When the words don’t make sense
When you can’t trust the sounds
When it goes by in a blur
Then you know what you’ve found
You’ve found love

When your friends disappear
When the fights seem so lame
When it all turns out right
Then you know what to blame
Just blame love

When you can’t seem to think
When your breath just won’t come
When your heart skips a beat
Then you know what it’s from
It’s from love

Love is the hurry
Love is the pain
Love is the worry
That you’ve missed it again

Love is the crazy
Love is the trust
Love is the maybe
That leaves you in the dust

Love is the joy
Love is the pride
Love is the happy
That I’m feeling inside

When I’m finally alive
When I’m safe and secure
When I’m singing to you
Then I know this for sure
It’s just love

© Daniel E. Barndt

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