Monthly Archives: January 2004

What Makes A Dead Soul Cry

Three shining stars in the sky looking down on me
And I don’t know why, where or what they might want from me
But everywhere I go I’ll always know what I want to see
Three shining stars in the sky always guiding me

Alone in a room, in a tomb in the darkness
Where no one can go, past a gate and a courtyard
Sitting cold on a stone, on a bone chiseled mantle
Lies the key that is me locked away in a tower

Who knows how to get there, how to be there when I need them?
Someone holds the locket in the pocket of my freedom
Riding through the despair and the nightmares of my treasons
I’m welcomed home with love and from above I learn the reason

What makes a dead soul cry?
A new life to live, something to believe in
What makes a dead soul cry?
It’s not that complicated, there’s only one good reason

© Daniel E. Barndt