Monthly Archives: March 2009

You, In The End

You wear guilt like a badge of honor
Like a license to do it again
Do it again
You…do it again

You live life like a film of horror
Like a knife in the back of a friend
You’re not a friend
You…you’re my best friend

You tear through love like a new sorrow
Like it will never happen again
Happen again
You…happen again

You give life a better tomorrow
Like it might be worth more in the end
More in the end
You…lie in the end

© Daniel E. Barndt

Not Tonight

Yeah, I’m floating again
An inch above the floor
And in the distance there’s a light
That I want much more than more
And in the sky I feel an angel
Watching over me
But I’m not safe… no not tonight

Yeah, I’m losing again
Just like I’ve done before
And in my past there’s nothing right
Because my future’s so unsure
And in my soul I feel a demon
Beckoning to me
And I’m not safe… no not tonight

When it’s all or nothing and up to me
My heart is full but I can’t breathe
My world is spinning and I can’t see
You’re everything so I can’t leave
There’s nowhere if you’re not here with me
I bite my tongue and beg to bleed
I need you now and my soul believes
It’s all or nothing and up to me

Yeah, I’m in love again
It’s harder than before
And it’s impossible to fight
When I’m dragged down to the floor
And in my mind I see a goddess
Staring back at me
But I’m not safe… no not tonight

Yeah, it’s you, my love
Staring back at me
And you’re not safe… no not tonight

Yes, it’s love, it’s love
Beckoning to us
And we’re not safe… no not tonight

© Daniel E. Barndt