Life Is An Illusion

IntricateDreamThose of you listening to my last words are to be the ones that understand me the least. For no man has analyzed my mind, no woman has conquered my heart and no person ever knew the man behind the mask.

These are my words to you: be yourself, trust only your own mind and follow only your own heart. Another’s dream has no meaning without the spirit that inspired the life. An empty dream breeds an empty mind fashions an empty life. Believe in yourself! Man, woman, child of this lost world, we are ourselves. No one can steal our inspirations. Fight injustice on behalf of yourself; fight for nothing but what you believe!

FalseRealityAs I close – and I hate to do so – understand my life, at long last: a life of ample recognition of the unusual, generous acceptance of the strange and heartfelt welcome  of the happily unique. If I were to be labeled, let that label read “anti-normal”. This is my last wish, may it be known.

Memories fade as a flower may wilt but this is no excuse to forget; so, remember me well my love, my friend, my neighbor, my opponent, my enemy! For I hate you, fight you, know you, cherish you and love you with all my heart!

Anti-normally yours