About the Darkness

Wonderful Darkness is primarily a compilation of poetry, lyrics and creative writing by a community of artists and poets of which you are welcome to join, enjoy and contribute! The Wonderful Gallery is a collection of fine arts, graphic arts, illustrations and design projects. Feel free to submit unique works of your own!

Magic Addictions is a compilation of original Poetry & Prose, ranging from light and uplifting to dark and insightful. Browse both sides and judge for yourself: do you lean towards Unplug Your Head or Turn On Your Mind?

Life Is An Illusion contains original essays and creative writing. If you’re interested in illuminating articles, check out Intricate Dream or escape the real world for a while and browse the short stories in False Reality!

Unintentional Love Songs is a small selection of original lyrics that fall under the umbrella that is Wonderful Darkness.


Twisted Tees includes designs featured on fastpitch softball tournament tee-shirts, customized logos, garage band tees and original holiday designs. Hey, Stupid! began as a specialized greeting card line for a very unique niche: Cards For People You Hate! Paintings, skratchboards and sketches can be found under the Fine Art section, just to name a few.

Destructive Construction is an exercise in project documentation based on simple assignments revolving around basic design fundamentals. Exercises based on Theory and Practice and Color Theory and the resulting art work have been documented, step by step, to provide insight into the creation process.