Monthly Archives: January 1992

‘Cross The Sky

As the sun begins to fall
I hear a distant, hell-like call
Not of terror nor of pain
It’s a sleepless voice, quite insane
It echoes deep within my head
Sounding not unlike the dead
And as the moon creeps ‘cross the sky
It asks me if I want to die…

As the stars shine through the night
My mind feels heavy, my body light
Floating toward a land I own
Floating past my earthly home
The voice, still distant, seems so clear
Something grips me, something near
And as the clouds sweep ‘cross the sky
It asks me if I want to die…

As the sun begins to rise
I feel the pain within the cries
Weeping for an untamed love
Denying that it’s had enough
The sounds vibrate then fade away
For darkness is where they must stay
And as the light spreads ‘cross the sky
I whisper, “I don’t want to die.”

© Daniel E. Barndt