WireframeTree of Life

I started my Art Nouveau Tree of Life by drawing the trunk in an organic, flowing style. Next, I added branches, progressively thinning the width of each as they extend beyond the tree trunk. By inserting the ground in the same flowing manner, I effectively produced a limited depth perspective without drifting from my original style. To complete my initial design, I decorated my tree branches with curving, round leaves and fruits nearly indistinguishable from each other but identifiable by their placement within the composition.


Organic, flowing trunk Progressively thinning branches Limited depth perspective ground Curving, round leaves & fruits

Elements with unique colors

By giving each element a unique color, I visually separated the components of my design and could concentrate on the background. My first choice was a natural gradient of sky-blue and a pastel green (which, when seen with the maroon ground lines create an illusion of an earthy brown). My second and third versions modified my organic elements to create partially solid portions within the composition. The third style took advantage of a split background pattern divided between the imaginary horizon to further define the sky and ground.

Sky-blue and pastel-green background         Partially solid organic elements

Split background pattern

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